Monday, May 2, 2016

詩巫需要架空大道 Sibu want fly-overs

 Jalan Wong King Hoe needs a fly-over to Jalan Pedada, and Jalan Oya Lama. 黃景和路需要一個架空大道.

南蘭律同樣需要架空大道的及早建造. Lanang Road needs a fly-over as well.

Adenan, please build fly-overs for Sibu soonest possible.
Adenan, this is what Sibu ordinary people need:
(1)build two (2) fly-overs at Jalan Wong King Hoe / Jalan Pedada / Jalan Oya Lama. and Jalan Lanang / Jalan Pedada / Jalan Kampung Nyabor.
(2)dual carriage road from Jalan Aman, & extended to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. with inter-change linking to Jalan Pahlawan and Jalan Oya Lama.
(3)extension of Jalan Ling Kai Chen to Jalan Pasai Siong, with inter-change at Jalan Teku and Jalan Oya Lama.
(4)widening of Jalan Oya in front of St. Elizabeth Secondary School. and don't be misled by JKR into building the smallest dual-carriage road, ashame to Sibu. and extensiong the dual-carriage road to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.
please Adenan, just deliver the fund, do the work immediately, so that we no need to mention again the same thing again in the next election.

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  1. Please sign the pettion for the sake of future generationm of Sabahans and sarawakians! You can even use anonymous and nobody is going to know about it. Dont watse the chance. The petition will be forwarded to UK govt and UN as frst step