Friday, March 25, 2016

訪問詩巫,必參觀的景點 the MUST visit places while in Sibu (2016 edition)

gigantic "Central Market" --- considered the largest and most crowded central market in Malaysia.
it's jungle produce market, is where the treasures are.
most crowded time, will be Saturday & Sunday morning. come early, to see for yourself.


Sibu Heritage Centre, situated in the central of the town, in the old building of Sibu Municipal Council, at Central Road.
knowing Sibu, discover its history, this is the place.
訪問詩巫,必參觀的景點之一: 詩巫文化遺產中心.


Sibu Pasar Malam, at Market Road, a stone throw away from the Central Market. open nightly, from 6pm onwards, when the sky darken gradually, you will find hawkers busy doing their business.
stop at their stalls, and see how they prepare foods for their customers.


Sibu Wharf & Express boats Terminal.
everyday, you will find this place full of activities, labourers carry goods on their shoulders to the cargo vessels, passengers on and off the express boats, now mostly traveling up-river to Song, Kapit, Belaga. another express has a daily trip to Kuching, and vice-versa.
this is the most important river transport point in the whole Malaysia. you can be sure, you will not find any other place in the country like this wharf.


Tua Peh Kong Temple. the temple is by the riverside, oversee the Rajang River, at the confluence of Rajang & Igan River.
one can easily see the pagoda of the temple from far away, especially in a boat.
the seven storeys pagoda, is one of its kind in this area.
every three years, the temple will hold a grand scale procession in commemorate the birthday of "Tua Pek Kong". this year, it will fall on the 5th of May.


Jubli Park (Jubilee Park) is away from Sibu Town, at Jalan Quarry Road, off Jalan Teku.
this has been the best Recreational Park for Sibu people. above the park, on top of Bukit Aup (Aup hill), is the land mark of Sibu, which is the highest point of this town. an wooden tower was constructed of this purpose. there is an observation tower, suspension bridge, a few ponds, big area of park and recreational ground. nice place for outing.
the Iban people living nearby, treat this hill as their holy land, which they buried their ancestors on top of the hill. until today, occasionally, they still perform simple traditional ritual on this place.
這里也是詩巫的最高點標誌所在地點,公園背後的阿越山(Bukit Aup),曾是人們郊遊和野餐的首選.至今,高頂仍有提供燒烤設備.


Sibu Sunday Market, a place every one likes, can be seen every where in Malaysia.
Sibu Sunday Market opens every week ends, Saturday early morning is usually the most crowded time.
it is at Jalan Pedada, not far from town centre, across Sibu Gateway.


Wong Nai Siong Garden, a small piece of land to pay respect to the leader of the Foochow migrants over a century ago, for bringing their fore fathers to this place.
they came in 1901, three groups all together 1,118 persons, mostly Foochow, including some women and children, and other dialects , to settle and open up the "wilderness" of Sibu to present state.
the garden is by "Sungai Merah", the "red" river flowing along the small settlement of the same name, around 5km outside of Sibu town.

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