Monday, May 5, 2014

詩巫新聞協會五一“迷你”趣味比賽 Mini Sport of Sibu Journalist Association on May 1st, 2014

President Professor Yii, flag off for the start of the game, with a three rounds walking around the Methodist School field. 會長余雪興揮旗,讓大家在衛理中學草場邊走三圈.
this is called "3-legged" fun. 三腳趣味跑.
有國會議員相助,甚麼都輕便了. with the helping hands of our YB, anything can be easy.
 tug-of-war in action.拔河比賽"激烈"進行中.
究竟是在跳"韻律操",還是在比賽? is it competition going on? how come so relax ???
 這個叫做"草場舞",在草上跳的.... dance on the field.
just a simple win without prize, yet so happy already. happiness is priceless !!快樂是無價之寶,即使沒有獎品,還是因為一個小小的勝利而歡呼.
 跌倒了有人相扶,人生本是如此. tumbling is not a set back, helping hands are there.
a game going on. 盲眼揹人,還要吹爆汽球.
 you should know, talking about football or "futsal", our Malay colleague are definitely good. 馬來族新聞朋友,足球是他們的最拿手好戲.
finally, no winner, so......penalty kick....即然大家都是那麼一種水準,只好使出最後一招----踢罰球.

 水球是拿來"擲"的,不是玩的, sorry. you called this "water-balloon"? why so little water inside?
 skillful ability to "catch" water balloon. 接水球也要有一點功夫的.
 來一張全體照.不在里面的,自己"黏"上去. this is official group photo. those who are missed, please paste "yourself".
 after the "warm up", now is the real thing. 熱身之後,現在才是玩真的.
誰叫你要做籌備會主席? 請"吃"我一個水球!!!  a big "water balloon" for the organizing chair-person.
 water balloon or "water canon" is best, let's enjoy and play. 水球最好玩了,難怪大家爭先恐後的要丟擲水球了.下次再來玩真的!!
這就叫做"混"戰,敵我不分.....obviously, it's going to be a "tangled fight".
 童心未泯,也難怪. let's play, don't care who you are.
 玩到"性"起,居然大小不分...... now, no more "big" or "small", all the same.
大會主席,"敬"你一瓶水. pour some water to "cool" down the President.
just a ceremony and a conclusion, no win no loss. so called ---HAPPY ENDING. 只是一個結束和頒獎,沒有優勝者,也沒有失敗人. 已經有聲音,希望多舉辦一點.....籌備會主席好辛苦了....

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