Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Marshall and Velvet Douglas: trailing their ancestors works and services to the people of Sibu 富雅各及富瑪麗後代,尋訪故人的足跡

Velvet Douglas, in front of her grand Uncle and Aunt picture, was touched of their work and endeavor in those days.
 a drop of blood of the Missionaries for the people of Sibu, many cherished the memory of their services to the Foochow and Heng Hua community.
Marshall and Velvet Douglas at James & Mary Hoover's Memorial Park in Sungai Merah, Sibu. this is the place where James and Mary first set their foot steps in the middle of swamp forest of the Borneo, help taking care of the Foochows, and later Heng Huas, from 1903, until the 30's.
 in front of the Bintangor orange symbol, in the small town of Bintangor, along Rajang River.
Velvet with Teng Lung Ming, a student of her grand Aunt, Mary Hoover, in the early 20th century, in Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia. Teng lives and works in Bintangor after her retirement from the Kindergarten name after Velvet's Aunt.

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