Monday, February 17, 2014

潮州公會 露天公開慶春節 open to all Chinese New Year celebration by the Teo Chew Association, in Sibu, Malaysia

 詩巫潮州公會主席本固魯蔡雄基,詩巫省長沈國基,聯合潮州公會理事,一起高唱潮州新年歌. Chairman of Teo Chew Association, Sibu, Penghulu Chua Huong Kee, and Resident of Sibu, Sim Kok Kee, joining many others, singing to the tune of the Teo Chew's new year songs.
在詩巫的"詩巫之窗"舉行春節慶祝活動,吸引眾多公眾人士參與,非常熱鬧.open air celebration, attracted many to join in the celebration.

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