Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sibu roads flooded during the last few days 詩巫過去幾天的一些道路漲水

 過水路,要有一點勇氣. need some courage to cross the flooded road.
a big hole awaiting the courageous hearts. 水中有大洞,有勇氣,也要有智慧.
 過了水路,電單"死火".一啟動,就起火. crossing the flooded road, motorbike caught fire after a brief checking.
 a car and a lorry, stuck in the middle of the flooded road. 在水中死火,兩車只好等救援了.
 忙碌了一天,是修補的時候. after flood, is the repairing work.
這是兩天工作的成果.今天終於讓這條路恢復通車. after 2 days hard work, the flooded road is not ready to use again. yet to tar-sealed.

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