Wednesday, November 6, 2013

屋後的「黃皮」紅毛丹 yellow skin rambutan in the backyard

 totally home produce, without fertilizer, no insecticide, limited supply, first come first serve. already half eaten. 本人難得自種的水果,黃皮紅毛丹.沒有施肥,沒有殺蟲劑,有限供應,先到先得.不過....已經吃了一半.
Ng Pek San, editor of See Hua Daily News in Kuching, her husband Lai & their son, they were rare guests, but arrived at my doorstep this week. naturally, visiting my garden is the most important thing to do while here. 詩華日報古晉總社副刊編輯,黃碧珊和老公及孩子,近日抵訪寒舍,自然不免要看看本人的小小花園,也讓她的孩子摸摸黃皮紅毛丹.

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