Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sibu Journalists Association 20th anniversary celebration 詩巫新聞協會20周年慶典

this logo of the Sibu Journalists Association, was designed by SK Lau, who was the man behind the formation of this body. SK has been with the print media for almost quarter of a century, and was with Sarawak Tribune for a long time before retired. 詩巫新聞協會的標誌,乃由當年著名新聞從業員劉世久所設計.世久實際上也是這個團體的幕後推動者,促使它的誕生.
 20th anniversary celebration, with a cake cutting to mark the occasion. 20周年慶典,共切週年蛋糕.
those who until now, working with the media for at least 20 years, are given a personal portrait to commemorate the occasion, and of their long service to the press. these people include, from left Kwang Peng Chung, Chia Shu Kiong, Tiong Liew Chuo, Yek Choo Eng, Yii Suok Ming, Ngu Yu Kang, Anna Siaw, Aaron Peter Wee, Nelly Wong, Ibrahim Gani, Nicholas Lo, Edward Stephen, Steve Ling and Hwang Siew Hong. another recipient Raymond Tang was not present. 那些服務超過20年,目前仍在“線上”的新聞從業員,各獲贈長期服務獎: 一面個人油畫,以做為紀念. 他們是,右起范秀豐,林禮長,愛德華史提芬,羅華光,依布拉欣加尼,黃金花,黃明傑,蕭玉珍,吳武干,余雪興,葉珠英,張留珠,謝樹強,管炳中. 另一名未出席的獲獎人為鄭作輝.

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