Sunday, November 24, 2013

新珠山新安堂, 112年來的第6間教堂 the 6th church building of Sing Ang Methodist Church, Sungai Merah, Sibu

 moving out of the 5th church. now still in use for other church activities. all the other church buildings are recorded into history, no more in existence.  由新安堂第5間教堂出來,搬到第6間.其他4間教堂建築早已進入歷史.

 costing Rm8,350,000 is this new church built just opposite the older one. 耗資835萬令吉的新教堂,就在舊教堂的對面.
 cutting the ribbons, to signify the opening of the new church. from left, Pastor Lau of Sing Ang Church,
President Steward Damat of Sarawak Iban Methodist Church, Bishop Dr. James Kwang of Chinese Methodist Church of Australia, Bishop Dr. Ong Hwai Teik of the Methodist Church in Malaysia, President Dr. Su Chi Ang of Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference, Northern District Superintendent Rev. Tiong of Sibu Chinese Methodist Church, Datuk Tiong Thai King (Chairman of Sibu Municipal Council), Rev Ling of Sing Ang Methodist Church. 開幕剪綵禮,左起新安堂劉婷婷傳道,砂拉越伊班年議會會長達曼牧師,馬來西亞衛理公會會督王懷德博士,衛理公會砂拉越華人年議會會長蘇慈安博士,衛理公會詩巫北教區長張宗忠牧師,詩巫市議會主席拿督張泰卿,新安堂主理林聖貴牧師.
 officiate the plaque of the new church. at left is Raymond Kwang, Chairman of church committee, Sing Ang Methodist Church. at right is Rev. Ling. 新安堂新教堂紀念碑揭幕.左為新安堂執事部主席官佰永.

the only one outdoor LED display panel for churches, in Malaysia. costing over Rm300,000. 10 X 16 feet, can turn 180 degrees facing the back. 全馬教會唯一的戶外巨大電子看版,價值超過30萬令吉.可以旋轉180度,面向背後.

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