Monday, June 24, 2013

CM at the Kampung Datuk fire site 首長巡視甘幫拿督火災災場

the problem after the Kampung Datuk fire, is about re-development.
it is given to understand that, present Kampung Datuk is going to be developed into commercial center. that is doubtless.

where to resettle all the residents of Kampung Datuk?

a few options:
1) Sibu Jaya: many flats vacant, no occupants. enough facilities to facilitate the need of mass resettlement.
people should support this arrangement, because Sibu Jaya is an ideal satellite town, only 25km from Sibu.

2) Rantau Panjang: there are quite a few flats with not much occupants, right at the back of the road, within the shipyard boundary. more houses and commercial shops are to be develop in the future. another development area for Sibu. this place is about 20km from Sibu Town.

3) Kemuyan area: over 18km away from Sibu, there is youth training center, a secondary school, WTK development residential houses, and rubbish dump site nearby. same road to the golf field, but a few km behind it. this is another option to resettle the Kampung people.

what about the Kampung Datuk Baru Resettlement Scheme?

this place is right at the back of Delta Housing Estate, leading to the Malay Kampungs. the earth filling for the place started on May 3, 2013, to be completed by November 2, 2013. but in actual fact, the earth filling is done already, just within less than 2 months time.
So, what's next? to build houses or shops buildings?

the resettlemnet work is carried up by Lembaga Pembangunan dan Lindungan Tanah ( Land Consolidation and Development Authority). will this place be turned into residential area, or another commercial project?
it is heard that, the developer has change heart, instead of building residential houses, it will instead build shop buildings. obviously, this needs to be confirmed.

 Chief Minister visit the fire site of Kampung Datuk.
reporters get an interview at the spot.
the earth filling of Kampung Datuk Baru, just behind Delta Housing Estate.

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  1. They all voted for Taib, so put them all in Taib's palace lah!