Monday, April 15, 2013

Massimo Falloni--photographer from UK visiting in Sibu, Sarawak 周怡偕攝影師老公Massimo Falloni訪詩巫

air steward and air hostess of the British Airways, Massimo Falloni and Helen Chou from the United Kingdom, currently in Sibu, Sarawak, visiting old colleagues and students of her Aunt, Dr. Ivy Chou, who has been the principal of Methodist Theological School, and teaching in Methodist Secondary School.  Massimo promise to do more "shooting" with local photographers next year, probably later in the year. he intend to visit Niah, Mount Mulu, and many other interesting places, just to take photos.
周蘇藤博士的侄女,周怡,與夫婿Massimo Falloni,兩人皆為英國航空公司的空服人員,周怡為空姐,Massimo為空中少爺,放長假來詩巫探親,尋找姑媽當年走過的足跡.Massimo亦是攝影愛好者,發燒了30多年,這番來到這里是陪老婆.他答應下一趟來,與本地發燒友一起去尼亞,姆祿尋幽探密.那是明年下半年的事了.
 Massimo in action near a long house in Bintangor. Massimo在民丹莪附近長屋區動起來.
 Massimo at the riverfront in Bintangor. Massimo在民丹莪碼頭獵影.

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  1. Same name, different surname. When they come, meet up in Miri or Niah?