Friday, April 5, 2013

Iban Methodist Church building new church in Sibujaya 詩巫再也建伊班教堂

the Iban Methodist Church is given a piece of land, just beside Tien Hua Primary School in Sibujaya, for the construction of a Rm1.5 million church building, which can accommodate 500 congregation, once completed in 2 years time.
Bishop of the Methodist Church of Malaysia, Rev. Ong Hwai Teck officiated at the earth breaking ceremony yesterday morning.
Sibujaya is a fast growing satellite town of Sibu, with commercial and residential building coming up rapidly in recent years. many Iban people lives here, making it an important centre for Iban and indigenous cultures development.

Bishop Ong Hwai Teck officiating at the earth breaking ceremony.


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