Sunday, March 3, 2013

沙巴潛水天堂--仙本娜,馬布島,西巴丹島 heaven for scuba diving in Sabah---Semporna, Mabul Island, Sipadan Island

 road to Semporna and Tawau, not too far apart. 仙本娜和斗湖,兩個不同方向,卻很靠近.
 sea side tourism town--- Semporna, famous for its many islands nearby, especially the Mubal Island, and diving heaven of Sipadan Island. by speed boat, it takes one to one and half hours to reach these two resorts. 仙本娜,著名旅遊地,風景優美,鄰近的馬布島和西巴丹島,是潛水天堂.
 logo for Semporna. 仙本娜的地標,與魚脫離不了關係.
 the famous floating hotel in Semporna, in the Sulu Sea---Dragon Inn. 仙本娜著名水上酒店--龍門客棧.
 sea foods are plenty. 這里海產多.
 taxi of the sea. 水上的士,交通方便.
Semporna is very near to so many islands in the surrounding sea, including those of Philippines and Indonesia. easily intruded by outsiders, as evidence by the recent incident. 靠蘇祿海的仙本娜,鄰近海島多不勝數,菲律賓和印尼都很近,各地來人不難登陸這里.

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  1. AIYAH ! these pictures bring back the wonderful memories at the hard trip we went together...A big thank you Leh Tiong.
    WHEN can we paying the similar trip again ??? (i ask for Peter......hahaha.....)