Sunday, March 31, 2013

復活節 “變” 我的園遊會 a stroll in my mother school--Methodist Secondary School, Sibu, during Easter Sunday service

今年的復活節,詩巫衛斯理堂在衛理中學禮堂舉行復活節崇拜.坐在表姐,表姐夫捐建的禮堂里,感觸良多.禮拜後,走在學校校園里,前往食堂一起早餐,本人確實是回味學校的一草一木,還有那些學堂.  一句話: 光陰似箭,像太空船般飛逝.
 walking in the field of Methodist Secondary School, Sibu, I really forget about the Easter Sunday service, and the breakfast. my memory goes back many many years ago, when I was still not so "brilliant" as is today, the school has changed a lot, but not its compound, its field, many of its old buildings. looking around, I believe many of them are from this school as well, old and young. my photographer friend Bowison's daughter is in Form 5 now, they help directing traffic for us. MSS, you will always in my memory, and the memories of many people I knew.

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