Sunday, February 3, 2013

Michael, Sieng, Scott, Yann in Kuching --- the cats city 貓城古晉兩日遊

 now, you're not taller than this cat, Michael, who is 6 foot 3 inches, tallest among the local Ling's family members. 林家後代,大姐的兒子,29歲,未婚,住在美國加里福尼亞.
 Scott and Yann, Michael and his Mom, Sieng, at the Padungan street, Kuching, in front of the statue of a big cat. 浮羅岸前的巨貓像,遊人最愛.他們也在這里留下珍貴紀念照.
 Yann and Scott enjoy their curry noodle with "satay"--the beaf or chicken sticks. 燕和老公Scott享受砂拉越古晉獨特的咖喱麵加沙爺.
Michael and Sieng enjoy their noodle special. 大姐和兒子Michael享受咖喱麵.

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