Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Look Sung Ping book launching 林陸頌平「詩歌中的救主」推展

 三位老朋友相見歡.左為張超英牧師,右為黃巧月牧師.three "old" friends met again after lost contact for so many years. at left is Rev. Tiong Chew Ing, and Rev. Wong Kiew Nguk at the right.
 老媽為詩華日報記者楊詒方小姐簽書. book signing for Miss Yong of See Hua Daily News, Sibu.
 衛理報的聚餐,反變家庭成員聚餐.as if this was a family members get together.
 老媽在新書推展禮上致詞.旁為衛理報主編翁震凌.Mom spoke at the book launching ceremony. Chief Editor of the Chinese Methodist Message Miss Ong stood beside.
 一位著作者,兩位譯作者,同為三本新書舉行推展禮.其中一名譯者未到場.one author, two translators, together launching three new books. one of the translator is not present.
 衛理公會砂拉越華人年議會會長蘇慈安牧師抗儷祝賀老媽新書推展. Mom met with the President of Chinese Methodist Church of Sarawak, Rev. Su and his wife.
 簽書會,人手一書,簽它幾本.book signing.
美食當前,怎可抗拒? delicious food, how to resist?

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