Monday, February 11, 2013

Chinese New Year Sunday service at Fuyuan Methodist Church, Sibu 正月初一在新福源堂主日崇拜

 新福源堂正門外.outside main entrance of Fuyuan Methodist Church.

媽媽,三嬸,大姐,和老朋友見面.  Mom met with old friend.
 陳朝強牧師與媽媽.中間為黃孟祚. Rev. Ting Tiew Kiong greet Mom. in the middle is Wong Meng Chok.
 a group photo of the family.
 媽媽發紅包給林艷,谷隆. Mom gave "Ang Pow" to Emily and Kuok Long.
大哥,大嫂發紅包給他們兩個. brother and sister-in-law gave away their "Ang Pow".

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