Monday, January 28, 2013

walking about in Sibu town 詩巫街頭漫步

 this is "Tua Pek Kong" temple, by the waterfront. 碼頭旁的大伯公廟.
 a photo at Wong's clinic, where Mee Kiong work. 阿美娟工作的西藥房前.
 at the Hoover Memorial building, Island Road, Sibu. 愛蓮街的富公紀念廣場前.
 enjoy a "kampua mee" and fried rice breakfast. 乾盤麵和炒飯當早餐.
 with fourth uncle at his house. Scott, Yann, Uncle, and Ming. 在四叔家.
Paul Ling treated us to a Foochow noodle dinner. Paul招待大家麵線晚餐.

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  1. 好像每張照片都少了一個白人年輕人跟他的媽。。。