Wednesday, January 16, 2013

巴哥(峇哥)第二期徵地賠償或擱置 second phase of Bako (Muara Tebas) development land acquisition may be rescinded again

 estuary of Bako river, where gigantic development plan by the Housing Ministry of Sarawak, is going on.  巴哥(峇哥)河口,這里正進行大規模的發展計劃,涉及土地數千依甲.
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the second development plan of Bako, including about 37 lots of over 200 acres, affecting 200 land owners. 巴哥(峇哥)第二期發展計劃地區,涉及37洛約200依甲土地.受影地主也高達200人.

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