Tuesday, January 1, 2013

宋溪城汽車渡輪試航5天就停駛 car ferry service for 5 days only

 車輛望江興嘆,因為過不了拉讓江.橫過江的汽車渡輪,僅僅服務5天,還只是”試航”性質,就宣告失靈,停止服務. the car ferry from Bintangor to Sungai Sian, only service for 5 days, and declared machine down, stop operation. it was told that, this is only a trial service, so no worry, just wait. wait for the election-kah? can you see the Y shaped landing point at the opposite side of the river. where on earth do you design this type of landing point? which one to use? using both, how? who's the architect? need to suspend his or her licence, cancelled the certificate, not qualified at all !!!


叉形汽車渡輪碼頭,天下無雙..funny ferry point, with 2 landing points, one for cars, the other for motorcycles and pedestrians? that will be nice. but how to go on board for both the landing points. double headed ferry?

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  1. 5天之後,渡輪去哪兒了?快去查一下。。。。