Monday, January 28, 2013

walking about in Sibu town 詩巫街頭漫步

 this is "Tua Pek Kong" temple, by the waterfront. 碼頭旁的大伯公廟.
 a photo at Wong's clinic, where Mee Kiong work. 阿美娟工作的西藥房前.
 at the Hoover Memorial building, Island Road, Sibu. 愛蓮街的富公紀念廣場前.
 enjoy a "kampua mee" and fried rice breakfast. 乾盤麵和炒飯當早餐.
 with fourth uncle at his house. Scott, Yann, Uncle, and Ming. 在四叔家.
Paul Ling treated us to a Foochow noodle dinner. Paul招待大家麵線晚餐.

mother, sisters home-coming 家庭團圓

  96歲老媽回來詩巫了.Mom coming back from USA.
Ming with her sister-in-laws. 錦明與二嫂,三嫂重逢.


Friday, January 25, 2013

"trishaw" lady 三輪車女士

no such word as "trishaw" in English. rickshaw is a two wheels covered vehicle pulled by somebody. this is oriental word. 三輪車已接近消失的階段.再不將它拍下來,你肯定會後悔.

金蛇呈祥 迎新春 Year of the "golden" SNAKE

 GOLD is "eternal", everybody likes gold, including Chinese, Malay, Iban, Indian and the many different races of Malaysia. every year, there will be a gold in the Chinese calendar. so, nothing funny if you see GOLD every year. 對於華人,每年都是”金”.華人的生活,遍地黃金.太好了...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

巴哥(峇哥)第二期徵地賠償或擱置 second phase of Bako (Muara Tebas) development land acquisition may be rescinded again

 estuary of Bako river, where gigantic development plan by the Housing Ministry of Sarawak, is going on.  巴哥(峇哥)河口,這里正進行大規模的發展計劃,涉及土地數千依甲.
read also 請參閱(
the second development plan of Bako, including about 37 lots of over 200 acres, affecting 200 land owners. 巴哥(峇哥)第二期發展計劃地區,涉及37洛約200依甲土地.受影地主也高達200人.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

like river, like road 像河又像路

 this is not stream, not river, just road, but in the water. that's it. 這不是河,是汽車路.可惜浸在水里.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

宋溪城汽車渡輪試航5天就停駛 car ferry service for 5 days only

 車輛望江興嘆,因為過不了拉讓江.橫過江的汽車渡輪,僅僅服務5天,還只是”試航”性質,就宣告失靈,停止服務. the car ferry from Bintangor to Sungai Sian, only service for 5 days, and declared machine down, stop operation. it was told that, this is only a trial service, so no worry, just wait. wait for the election-kah? can you see the Y shaped landing point at the opposite side of the river. where on earth do you design this type of landing point? which one to use? using both, how? who's the architect? need to suspend his or her licence, cancelled the certificate, not qualified at all !!!


叉形汽車渡輪碼頭,天下無雙..funny ferry point, with 2 landing points, one for cars, the other for motorcycles and pedestrians? that will be nice. but how to go on board for both the landing points. double headed ferry?

United Daily News annual lunch in Sibu 聯合日報員工2013新年聚餐

countdown to the new year 2013---Sibu style 詩巫倒數迎2013新年