Thursday, September 27, 2012

拉曼大學美女講師 beauty at Rahman University

 玩性十足的講師,依然是張家小妹.YP Tiong, beauty at Rahman University, not a student, can you believe, she is a lecturer? her doctorate degree is on the way, thesis is almost ready.....
講師成為臨時模特兒,在橄欖樹旁留下美麗倩影. Rahman University lecturer, acted as a temporary model, beside an olive tree.

"old" friends met in Bintangor 多年老朋友民丹莪重逢

 拉讓師訓學院講師湯嵋廂(右),與老師張怡多年不見,相見時兩人激情可見.English teacher Chang Yi (left) met her student at the Rajang Teacher College in Bintangor. her student Tong, is a lecturer of the College.
衛理中學高才生兼英語老師張怡,與多年不見老師鄧倫明見面時緊緊擁抱.in Bintangor Shell Petrol Station, Chang Yi met her teacher Teng Lung Ming.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kubu Alice in Sri Aman under re-construction 成邦江愛麗絲堡展開重建

old wooden houses at Amoy Road & Ho Peng Road in Sibu 詩巫廈門街,和平路的木屋

development is on the way.
 wooden houses beside Jalan Pedada, close to Sunday Market site. 鬧市中心,巴拉路旁的木屋.
 an old wooden house with chimney. do you have one? 這間舊木屋,還有煙囪.你的屋子就找不到煙囪了吧....

 廈門街舊木屋前,一名老婦踏著腳車經過.時光倒流了....this is a scene at Amoy Road, Sibu. present day.
 Sarawak well-known blogger and English teacher: Chang Yi at the back lane of Amoy Road, with Iban kids who live in the old wooden houses.
 tilted wooden house, with plank walk beneath. how special and remote these days.

詩巫城市廣場河邊的發展  development at the doorstep, in front of Sibu Town Square

 very soon, this place will have a new look. with the view ot the riverbank of Sibu Town Square change again. earth filling is in progress, gaining more land for the development of over 100 units of shops.

Monday, September 24, 2012

如樓「寶華戲院」 Wong Toh Tiong Theatre of Julau

 this theatre: "Wong Toh Tiong Theatre" was closed down in the late 70's of the 20th century, or the beginning of the 80's, due to competition from the emerging of video tape. before the closing, the theater shown movie almost everyday. during that time, road linking from Sibu to Julau was difficult, movies has to be transported through boats from Sibu to Durin, a river-line village on the opposite bank of Rajang River from Sibu. and from there on, tranferred by bus to Julau.

Julau young school girls 如樓美少女

年輕的女學生,在如樓巴剎亭子休息.pretty young girls reading at Julau bazaar.

布律克古堡探險記 adventure at Kubu Brooke of Nanga Meluan, Julau

Kubu Brooke of Nanga Meluan, Julau, was constructed in 1935. the name of this fort, was actually taken from Fort Brooke in Sibu, the original site is at the car park of Sibu Town Square. it was a bamboo wall structure at first, later, each long house was require to provide 3 pieces of belian wood, and a big pole, for the re-construction of the fort, which is the present look, with minor renovation.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

峇都及馬蘭諾草帽 Matu and terendak Matu--the Melanau hats

there is one thing about Matu, a predominantly Melanau kampung. that is its hats--terendak Matu, very special, very intricate, sure very nice as well. and so, the price is a bit expensive, though it is worth it. so, just buy some since you were there, don't just show off like the two below......

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Igan is a fishing village 伊干--南中國海邊的漁村

Igan fishing village, is by the river bank of Igan River, which can be easily accessible by river from Sibu. but, obviously no passenger boat is plying the route, because Igan is not a town, and no Chinese living in this Melanau kampong, by the South China Sea.

 photographers from Sibu, Peter Lee (left) and Fender Tong, catching the glimpses of Igan. 來自詩巫的名攝影師,將伊干美景盡收鏡頭里.

全砂第二大機場? the 2nd largest airport in Sarawak?

Sibu airport, the RM136 million renovation project consists of 18 check-in counters, eight Immigration counters in the departure hall and six Immigration counters in the arrival hall, nine security X-ray machines, four Customs counters, two baggage reclaim carousels, two make-up carousels and four passenger boarding bridges.
The project is being implemented in two packages.
The first package involves the extension of the passenger terminal building, central utility building and other associated works.
The second package involves airside and landside works, DCA building and other associated works.
Sibu people only hope that it is as good as what has been said and claimed.
but looking through the lens of a camera, one just could not find a focal point, don't know where to shoot, just not "grand" at all.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

earth filling at Sibu riverside 詩巫江岸邊填土

 this is earth filling for the propose development of commercial buildings near Lau King Howe Hospital Memorial Museum, beside Rajang Port Authority. 拉讓海港局旁的填土工程恢復.要建造百多間商店.