Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas melody at Sibu Wesley  詩巫衛斯理堂詩歌慶聖誕節

 可愛的小天使,報給我們大好的信息,是普天同慶的聖誕節. sweet angels dance for the Christmas celebration at Wesley Methodist Church, in Sibu.
 青團團員高唱聖誕曲. MYF members sing to the tune of Christmas.
 詩班合唱. choir singing.
 衛理福兒院院長楊啟好及張孟孟合唱聖誕歌曲.Mr. Yong and Miss Tiong present a duet.
choir sings.
將要前往澳洲栢斯牧會的彭能順牧師傳講耶穌降生的信息.Rev Pang preaches on the topic of Jesus born as man.
facing the congregation, the choir share the joy of Christmas with everybody in the church.
MAF fellowship and senior church members also present their song.
張小娟牧師,彭能順牧師,明年都將與詩巫衛斯理堂道別.他們與詩班人員等合影留念. Rev Lenita Tiong and Rev Pang are moving on to another ministry next year. they have a group photo with the Wesley choir during Christmas celebration.

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