Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas day at the "red river"---Sungai Merah 新珠山河上的聖誕節

 catching ducks in the Sungai Merah. 新珠山河里抓鴨.

 新珠山的”聖誕老人”--莊玉光. the Santa Claus of Sungai Merah--Chong.
 聖誕老人和聖誕儷娜分送新珠山的最佳聖誕禮物--蛋糕.Santa Claus and Santa Lina give out Christmas presents of Sungai Merah--- the very traditional cakes of this place.

trying to get an "ang pow" over the Sungai Merah. 新珠山河上搶”紅包”.

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