Monday, December 24, 2012

阿山港的聖誕節慶祝 Christmas celebration in Sungai Assan, Sibu, Sarawak


  1. BTW where is Sungai Assan? I haven't known that... yes I'm an old timer and has left Sibu for many many years :(

  2. Datuk Tiong Su Kuok told me the other night during the Sungai Assan Christmas celebration, that many years back, even boatman don't know where was Sungai Assan. the mistaken it as another place down river called Bawang Assan. so, you can imagine, those who are away from Sibu, or those who has never been to that place, you just cannot expect them to know or remember the place. this place is just across the Lanang bridge, on the other side of the majestic Rajang River from Sibu. the whole place generally called Sungai Assan, but there are places like Kerto, and Kampung Banyok & etc.