Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sibu Old Airport Road to be renamed Teng Chin Hua Road 詩巫“舊機場路”改名為“陳仁華路”

Sibu Hin Hua Pou Sen Association's proposal to rename the Sibu old Airport Road into Teng Chin Hua road, is approved. with the centenary celebration of the Heng Hua settlement in Sibu this week, the approval is really "timely". but the minister for Sibu, Datuk Wong Soon Koh is in Japan at the moment, who will make the announcement very soon.
but, it's a surprise, you'll find that, the road has long been renamed into "Brooke Drive" already.


  1. So one of your favourite addresses will be changed to 2A Teng Ching Hua Lane 7? When will they change the name and the road signages?

  2. 不 是 左 右 有 分 隔 的 嗎 ﹖ 所 以 一 條 路 可 以 有 兩 個 名 字 吧

  3. Do you know the name of the road where they are building the new indoor stadium, please? Thanks.