Monday, November 19, 2012

民都魯享受果王 enjoy the best of tropical fruits in Bintulu

 認識這一群人嗎?有榴槤,還管他們是誰.連”沙籠”也賣了,還差那麼一點.這些人肯定是最好的”模特兒”....來吧,看鏡頭,笑一個.... so, do we know some of them. with durians in hands, who cares who's who..... I like this group of people, they are ready for the camera
 美女與熱帶水果.beauty and the fruits.
what's this? 這是甚麼?
”蘭剎” (langsat)
olives 橄欖.


  1. The dark red, rambutan looking fruit is called Buah Ma or Buah pulasan...originally wild fruits of Sarawak. Now some have been hybridized to give way to nice looking and fleshy ones...Miri price = RM10 per kg. Kai Nguong Farm.

  2. Haven't had any of these for so long I don't even remember how they taste like any more :(