Sunday, October 21, 2012

floating toilets in Mukah River 沐膠河上的漂浮厠所

 where there is already tape water, what is the use of floating toilets in Mukah River? for convenient?
can you believe that? until today, floating toilets still around, at least in Mukah River, somewhere near Mukah Town and Selangau Bazaar. Mukah River flows through the inland of central Sarawak, from the South China Sea toward Selangau, and further up-river. and there are many kampungs near the river, where residents use floating toilets. not sure if modern toilet is in their homes already or not, most possibly they should have, especially where tape water is already available.



  1. Luckily i didn't go this time , or else i might become the model too !!

  2. what do you mean? you know who is the "model" kah?