Wednesday, September 26, 2012

old wooden houses at Amoy Road & Ho Peng Road in Sibu 詩巫廈門街,和平路的木屋

development is on the way.
 wooden houses beside Jalan Pedada, close to Sunday Market site. 鬧市中心,巴拉路旁的木屋.
 an old wooden house with chimney. do you have one? 這間舊木屋,還有煙囪.你的屋子就找不到煙囪了吧....

 廈門街舊木屋前,一名老婦踏著腳車經過.時光倒流了....this is a scene at Amoy Road, Sibu. present day.
 Sarawak well-known blogger and English teacher: Chang Yi at the back lane of Amoy Road, with Iban kids who live in the old wooden houses.
 tilted wooden house, with plank walk beneath. how special and remote these days.

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