Sunday, September 9, 2012

Igan is a fishing village 伊干--南中國海邊的漁村

Igan fishing village, is by the river bank of Igan River, which can be easily accessible by river from Sibu. but, obviously no passenger boat is plying the route, because Igan is not a town, and no Chinese living in this Melanau kampong, by the South China Sea.

 photographers from Sibu, Peter Lee (left) and Fender Tong, catching the glimpses of Igan. 來自詩巫的名攝影師,將伊干美景盡收鏡頭里.

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  1. Visited Pekan Igan or known as Kampoung Igan then in early70s' when campaigning for late Datuk Ling Beng Siong. Seem no much has changed