Thursday, September 6, 2012

earth filling at Sibu riverside 詩巫江岸邊填土

 this is earth filling for the propose development of commercial buildings near Lau King Howe Hospital Memorial Museum, beside Rajang Port Authority. 拉讓海港局旁的填土工程恢復.要建造百多間商店.


  1. Sibu riverside view will be different in the future..and may be the Rajang river will be smaller..maybe even completely filled more Wharf Side..Rajang Port Authority will be the first Port Authority in the world to be in the centre of a town!!

  2. i heard is to built shoplot..and 2 blocks 30 storey high-end condominium...

  3. was it the hospital where many people died before? do we want to buy the condominium there?

  4. friends, this place is going to construct over 100 units of shoplots, 4-storey shop buildings, it is open for sale now. anybody interested? over one million each unit. design by Kumpulan Design, our Sibu boy Datuk Lau Kah Sieng is the architect company劉嘉銑繪測師. Peter Hii, partner of Datuk Tiong Thai King, Chairman of Sibu Municipal Council, is the company undertaking the big project, which include exchage part of the land of Rajang Port Authority, so that the entrance to the commercial site is easier accessible and attracts more buyers. no secret, can check it out yourself...

    1. Guy, u r misunderstood actually is Dtk Sri Lau Kah Sieng and Peter Hii are joint venture to develop that project NOT Dtk Tiong Thai King