Wednesday, August 29, 2012

見不得光?至今沒有工程招牌 until today, no construction signboard. so funny....

只有一堆黃土.only piles of earth and machines.


  1. Sigh..Sibu people got cheated again? There goes my PhD dream...

  2. I see not just piles of earth and machines only. I see from your photo some piles have been completed, looks like some pile caps have been constructed also in your photo. It seems the project is proceeding based on Fast Track approach.

  3. ayia ! anonymous,don't be a stupid guy lah ! acting only lah ! only this time they play the game a bit better seems like real ! i can predict,time will prove they are still big liars !! poor poor sibu\\\

  4. to be fair, let's don't jump into any conclusion as yet. piling is going on, earth filling is also going on. works do continue for the moment. only hope they'll quickly put up a big big signboard, telling everybody, who is the developer, who is the main contractor, who is the architect, who is the engineering company, and etc. like project commencement date, date to be completed, total cost and so on.

  5. Yeah, the blog owner is definitely on to something there about the absence of any project signboard.

    The contractor for the project is actually required by law to display his registration number on a signboard at the construction site. Take a look at the Construction Industry Development Board's FAQs page, under section "What is [sic] the terms and conditions as a Registered Contractor?" and subsection 2, "Contractor's Responsibilities and Obligations". The second-last bullet point states that "The contractor shall display his registration number on the signboard at each construction site." The Board's publication, Contractor Registration Requirements and Procedure, also states the same thing in 6.1.2(g). The contractor can be fined up to RM50,000.

    So, "見不得光?" is right. The construction started in unusual haste without the typical BN self-serving blaze of publicity. Only now is BN making up for the self-serving blaze of publicity by getting Najib to do the ceremonial groundbreaking on 16 September 2012. But, all that expensive publicity sound and fury signifies nothing. Where are all the actual approvals for the establishment of the university college? Every two-bit BN politician is busy talking about the establishment of the university college being approved. If that's the case, show the approvals. Should be a simple matter, right? "Janji Ditepati", right?

  6. Janji tender,no transparency no nothing.
    There goes the taxpayers' money....Janji dicapati...
    Theme for national day this year.

  7. Now they have finally admitted it. See Hua Daily News divulges on 15 September 2012 that


    他说,因为首相在今年4 月才将兴建大学的执照交给州政府,所以时间上赶不及."

    As expected, the whole project is confirmed to be a rushed shambles without any systematic planning from the outset. They don't even have complete blueprints ready for the contractor at the start and they still don't have complete blueprints for the contractor now, forcing the contractor to do things piecemeal. That just shows how little effort went into the planning of this thing. This is the sort of bullshit that the SUPP Sibu Visionary (cough! Cough!) Team sells as "development" to the people of Sibu. Going by the track record of this vision-less bunch of clowns, this university college is going to be another half-baked, shoddily-constructed education project like all their previous half-baked education projects in Sibu. First half-baked education project: United College Sarawak: went broke, closed shop, and sold off for 1 ringgit. Second half-baked education project: Sarawak Maritime Academy: so low-profile that it's got no profile. Does anyone know what the heck goes on there and what tangible benefits the people of Sibu get from it? Third project that did not even get to half-baked status and was all talk and no action: TAR College ("Janji Ditepati"! Ahem, ahem!) Fourth project that also did not even get to half-baked status and was all talk and no action again: University of South Australia ("Janji Ditepati"????? Agree?)

    Yeah, give these SUPP clowns another 50 years to run Sibu. Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know, right? At least you KNOW that they will run Sibu to the ground!