Wednesday, August 29, 2012

University Technology Sibu: works continue-- scrutinized under the lens 嚴密監視下的持續工程--詩巫科技大學

 dated 29-08-2012. at this very moment, the works of University Technology Sibu continue. it is learnt that, the construction work is given to Hock Peng Organization. 今天這一刻,詩巫科技大學工程持續進行中.据稱,這項工程是由福平機構承包.


  1. Were you guessing or did you personally approach the workers to ask who the contractor is? Did you ring up Hock Peng to double check that it is indeed the contractor?

  2. I heard from more than three sources during the last three weeks that Hock Peng is the contractor.

    I also heard that the architect is Aki Media, the same architect for the Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak (Sarawak state assembly building), Kuching Bus Terminal Building and Sing Kwong Supermarket Building at Salim.

  3. What kind of buildings are they building? Piling without know the buildings? Very strange. Pure demonstration