Thursday, August 30, 2012

中元節--搶孤 hungry ghost festival

 大夥兒一擁而上,爭搶地上的貢品--”搶孤”是也.這是特地慢速度拍的”動感”照.hungry ghost festival celebration in Sibu. believers rush to collect foods free for everybody.
 crowded in front of the Tua Pek Kong temple in Sibu.
offering to gods and ghosts.
 冥鈔焚燒給諸神和”陰間”朋友.burning "money" for the "friends" who came from hell.

 眾人上香膜拜.paying homage to the gods and ghosts.
何明生將”黑金”拋出.black charcoal, they called it "black GOLD"
 來吧,大財大家發.toto lucky number for everybody.
滿載而歸了. fruitful evening.

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