Tuesday, August 21, 2012

「萬年煙」巴剎 Balingian Bazaar

this is Balingian Bazaar as in August 2012. two rows of wooden shops,  more than 10 shops, many still in operation, some become stores. wooden shops has been here for many years, may be near to a century. some concrete shops has been built nearby, but mostly unoccupied. the people here are mostly Melanau, with some Chinese, and Iban in the interior.


  1. The shop called Heng Joo Hin..owned by Heng Hua?

  2. where got "Heng", only "Eng". not Heng Hua, Chew Ang dialect, close to Hokkien. old folks stay there, young one all gone to bigger towns and cities like Miri...

  3. Balingian - birthplace of the current Sarawak Chief Minister.

    According to shopkeepers I spoke to
    Newer block = 1970s.
    Older block = 1950s.

    There's another block deeper inside the village.