Friday, August 31, 2012

55th Merdeka celebration in Sibu 詩巫歡慶55屆獨立日

 熱情奔放的歡慶馬來西亞獨立日. happily celebrate Malaysia 55th National Day, in Sibu, Sarawak.

just concluded London Olympic 10m diving bronze medalist--pandelela Rinong from Kuching, reciting code of Merdeka. 砂拉越之女,倫敦奧運10米高台跳水銅牌得主--潘德蕾拉宣讀獨立日宣言.

 Malaysia BOLEH ! 孟禮高喊--大馬萬歲!
 詩巫最佳攝影師--唐德平與小女生分享獨立日的喜悅. Sibu best photographer: Fender Tong, sharing a light moment with nurses of Sibu Nursing College.


  1. Sarawak & Sabah, together with Malaya and Sinagpore formed (not joined) Malaysia in 1963 when I was still a teenager. There was no MALAYSIA prior to 1963. How come so many adopt 55th celebration, including my beloved friend?

  2. Anonymous (September 2, 2012 1:00 AM):the world is full of ignoramuses and shameless people with no principles who go along with lies and fictions.

  3. Brain washing. You can find that all sibu bloggers are brain washed. Some of them did not study Malaysian history. WHL, you better call up these bloggers.