Friday, August 31, 2012

55th Merdeka celebration in Sibu 詩巫歡慶55屆獨立日

 熱情奔放的歡慶馬來西亞獨立日. happily celebrate Malaysia 55th National Day, in Sibu, Sarawak.

just concluded London Olympic 10m diving bronze medalist--pandelela Rinong from Kuching, reciting code of Merdeka. 砂拉越之女,倫敦奧運10米高台跳水銅牌得主--潘德蕾拉宣讀獨立日宣言.

 Malaysia BOLEH ! 孟禮高喊--大馬萬歲!
 詩巫最佳攝影師--唐德平與小女生分享獨立日的喜悅. Sibu best photographer: Fender Tong, sharing a light moment with nurses of Sibu Nursing College.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

中元節--搶孤 hungry ghost festival

 大夥兒一擁而上,爭搶地上的貢品--”搶孤”是也.這是特地慢速度拍的”動感”照.hungry ghost festival celebration in Sibu. believers rush to collect foods free for everybody.
 crowded in front of the Tua Pek Kong temple in Sibu.
offering to gods and ghosts.
 冥鈔焚燒給諸神和”陰間”朋友.burning "money" for the "friends" who came from hell.

 眾人上香膜拜.paying homage to the gods and ghosts.
何明生將”黑金”拋出.black charcoal, they called it "black GOLD"
 來吧,大財大家發.toto lucky number for everybody.
滿載而歸了. fruitful evening.

talking about durians, forget every thing else 看到榴槤,忘了一切

these projects has SIGN-BOARD 這些發展計劃有招牌

 Islam Complex, Sibu. 詩巫回教大廈.
Ding Lik Kwong road wharf construction. 陳立廣路碼頭建造工程.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

見不得光?至今沒有工程招牌 until today, no construction signboard. so funny....

只有一堆黃土.only piles of earth and machines.

University Technology Sibu: works continue-- scrutinized under the lens 嚴密監視下的持續工程--詩巫科技大學

 dated 29-08-2012. at this very moment, the works of University Technology Sibu continue. it is learnt that, the construction work is given to Hock Peng Organization. 今天這一刻,詩巫科技大學工程持續進行中.据稱,這項工程是由福平機構承包.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Selangau Bazaar “實蘭溝”巴剎

 farmers selling their vegetables in front of the shops in Selangau, 80km from Sibu, Sarawak.
 an Iban family enjoy a sumptuous meal at Selangau Bazaar.一家成員,在實蘭溝巴剎享受一頓豐盛的美食.
this is Selangau River, the name "Selangau" derive from this river. ”實蘭溝”這個名字,即是由這條河而來.這是”實蘭溝”河.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

「達叻」巴剎 Dalat Bazaar in Mukah Division of Sarawak

達叻是座落在砂拉越的沐膠省,處在烏也河邊(Batang Oya).雖然靠近南中國海,卻不是沿海甘榜,是這一帶比較特別的一個小鎮.這里大多數居民是馬蘭諾人.這些景觀全部是在河邊周圍.
Dalat of Mukah, Sarawak, is a small town by the Oya River, near to South China Sea. the population here are mostly Melanau, with some Iban and Chinese. the views here are taken by the river, in the centre of the town.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

「萬年煙」巴剎 Balingian Bazaar

this is Balingian Bazaar as in August 2012. two rows of wooden shops,  more than 10 shops, many still in operation, some become stores. wooden shops has been here for many years, may be near to a century. some concrete shops has been built nearby, but mostly unoccupied. the people here are mostly Melanau, with some Chinese, and Iban in the interior.