Sunday, July 8, 2012

University of Technology for Sibu? JUST DO IT ! 詩巫將出現”科技大學”?

the people will only support those who can do them some good. bluffing will benefit nobody. Sibu, in the central of Sarawak, with so large a surrounding and population. it should warrant more than a university if necessary, and not excuses. local university is for the benefit of those who cannot move out of this place, due to financial constrain. this apply not only to rural population, but also the town folks, including the Malays and Chinese. there are many Chinese, whose children cannot go for further study, even to West Malaysia. it is no point to centralize everything in Kuching, give some to Sibu people as well.
pictures shown the location of University of Technology, Sibu, at Old Airport Road, just opposite of College Laila Taib. people here feel that, if this university was approved wholeheartedly, just do the work, no need to prove anything. just do it, just do it......JUST DO IT !


  1. ya, just do it! it is yr responsibility, man!

  2. 馬路趕一趕,還鋪得出來。

  3. Ayia !! we know these people say more more ! do less less lah !
    BUT D'ONT forget we are no stupid people !!!

  4. Just came back from Penang/Phukat.Krabi cruise. Krabi also has an University. I have developed kangaroo neck

  5. 一個地點,兩片土地,要建科技大學,電子圖書館,還有室內體育館.看來是建小小間的,可以容納得下那麼多.其他的,就在太陽底下上課也好,看書也好,運動也好.沒問題.或許,建議Kolej Laila Taib改名為University of Technology, Laila Taib.請大家舉手支持.....

  6. Based on what our minister announced, the land area is of nice size for a city/town campus, not too small. Ideally of course, the land on the other side of the old runway can be reserved for future expansion. For comparison, the branch campus of University of New Castle in Johore is located on 13 acres of land, excluding student hostels.

    Heard that the proposed Sibu Indoor Stadium (and Sibu I.T. Library ?) has been shifted next to Bomba near to the outdoor stadium due to the latest development.

    Be appreciative of what our minister is doing for Sibu. Give him more support rather than be sarcastic. I can see that he is trying very hard. The last time we threw our deputy chief minister-ship away to Miri, Sibu as a result progressed slowly while in comparison, Miri got lucky, steamed ahead and got Curtin Uni, industrial training institutes, new indoor stadium, petroleum museum, I.T. Library, two fly-overs, new air-port, city status, etc.

    Until now, we are still playing catch-up! But how many of us realise this ? It is not coincidental that all our DCM/CM areas like Samarahan, Mukah, Miri & Betong developed fast and experienced rapid transformation during the last 15 years.

    1. This is bullshit. Sarawak has the richest resources in Malaysia. Yet, Sibu is underdeveloped. It's time to change the government so that Sibu can progress faster. Taib has to go first.

  7. You don't need a DCM from Sibu to bring development to Sibu. WSK is so close to our CM,he can do more than a DCM.

  8. 大炮车- made in sibu