Monday, July 16, 2012

詩巫名人,林鵬祥私邸被拆除了 finally, Ling Beng Siong's house is in the process of demolition

the text below is extracted from internet, yet to be verified, sorry.

Ling Chu Ming (1898 - 1956)
Born in Kutien County in Fujian Province of China, Ling Chu Ming came to Sibu to help his elder brother in his shop, Ling Kong Thai. Later, business became bad as a result of world depression and when his brother died, Ling Chu Ming moved to Bukit Lan and turned to agriculture. He planted a few hundred acres of rubber trees and set up Ling Kong Thai Mill, initially for rice milling and rubber sheets pressing. Later, it was developed into Ling Kong Thai Sawmill to cater for the timber business which became one of the earliest and most successful timber businesses, thus laying the foundation for todays' Kong Thai (1963) Company Limited.
 Datuk Amar Ling Beng Siong
He was born in Sibu and is a younger brother of Tan Sri Datuk Amar Ling Beng Siew. He received his early education in Sibu and tertiary education in Australia. He managed the business of Ling Kong Thai Sawmill after his father's death in 1956. He renamed Ling Kong Thai Sawmill as Kong Thai (1963) Company Limited and modernised its facilities and production. In 1967, as a Councillor representing Sarawak Chinese Association, he was appointed Minister of Youth and Culture in the State Cabinet. In 1974, when the Sarawak Chinese Association was dissolved, he joined Sarawak United People Party (SUPP). In 1978, he left the party and retired from politics. In recognition of his contributions he was awarded the Datukship by the Head of State in 1968 and the title Datuk Amar in 1984.

there is report that, developer has acquired Ling Beng Siong's house, and the house next door, including the Malay cemetery, for development into commercial buildings.

 拿督阿玛林鹏祥,亦是砂华公会的党要,早年在诗巫完成中学教育后,曾负笈澳洲深造,1956年在其严父谢世 后,便出掌家族木材公司——公泰(明记)火锯厂,并在商馀积极参与政治活动,曾在1959年担当诗巫县参议会议员,1963年出任州立法议员,1967年 以州议员的身份,代表砂华公会入阁,成为砂劳越次任首席部长,拿督本固鲁达威斯里州内阁的青年与文化部长。
1970年和1974年的州议席直选中,拿督林两度蝉联为诗巫伊干区的州议员,但由于人联与土著保守统一党组织联合政府,砂华公会被排挤在外,因此拿 督林鹏祥没有再被邀入阁,而当砂华公会在1974年解散后,他于当时的首席部长敦拉曼耶谷的劝说下加盟人联党,可是却在1978年因涉及“党争”,结果退 党而去。


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  1. michael tang ann dingJuly 25, 2012 at 6:55 PM

    I remember being invited to many of his New Year Eve dinner parties at his house, a generous man who would invite all MAS pilots, stewards & stewardess in town & his top executies. Datin is more than graceful, humble and God fearing. I remember being asked to look after his campaign fund during one of those state elections at Igan.Time flies.