Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cola do magic for jellyfish sting 可樂速解海蜇痛癢

do you know that, once you're in touch with jellyfish in the sea water, your skin will feel pain like burning. it is unbearable, sure is. how do you do? wash with water, rub hard to clean off the burning? edible jellyfish producer now realize that, "coca cola", yes, the original soft drink COKE, can actually do magic. just pour coca cola on the skin in contact with jellyfish, it will gradually eases the pain, it really play magic. now, manufacturer of edible jellyfish, will keep stocks of coca cola, not only for sell, but for emergency as well !! can you believe that??? this is very true.


  1. Many thanks " Dr " Ling !......hehehe...

  2. what about the jelly fish cola? is that not useful