Saturday, May 5, 2012

95歲媽媽著作的書:「詩歌中的救主」 a book written by my Mum, a testimony of God's grace

 this is a book, written by an old lady, my Mum, who is 95 years old now. although it is written in Chinese, I believe a translation is underway, at least for the English version. it is given out for free, but with limited copies. those interested, you may request for it.

the first two readers of my Mum's book, one is a reporter, the other, a retired English teacher. both are blogger and writer cum photographer. 這是兩位老媽的書最早的讀者,左邊是詩華日報副刊記者楊貽方,著名草藥和美食書籍作者.右邊一位是詩巫衛理中學早年的高才生,學長,張公彬的孫女,張大綱的大女兒--張怡.她是一名退休英文老師,很努力的部落格作者她的姑姑張珠仙等,也是富師母的學生.


  1. Thanks for the book gift..many people are asking about it. Do you think you can give testimony in churches in Miri and present books to the pastors etc? To me this is a good many left now? Save some for Brunei friends too. I will share my book with my mother....

  2. 上帝祝福凡敬畏他的人。愿神祝福她与她的子子孙孙。

  3. hi.. my name is Wendy.. Can you give me the contact number of 楊貽方? I want to buy the book published by 詩華日報 regarding 猫须草。But staff at 詩華日報 told me they no longer sell it. May I know whether 楊貽方 still keep the book? i just want to borrow because I got 脂肪瘤. I heard people said the book got mentioned about the way to cure which is 猫须草. Thank you. Anything please email to me