Monday, February 20, 2012

站在最前線的攝影師 photographers in the front line

 Fender Tong and Kapitan Tay Hock Chai, both photography enthusiasts, in the middle of Sarawak jungle, somewhere near Saratok, at Sungai Awik area in Betong Division, busy taking photographs among the bushes and branches. 唐德平和甲必丹鄭福才,在砂拉卓附近的一處深林里,忙碌的展開拍攝工作.


  1. A busy day ! A tired day ! A well experience day ! A fruitful day ! An unforgettable day ^_^

  2. I am sure very fruitful...I have just asked./."Good harvest"? over the phone...

  3. going to Kerto island pretty soon. to take more of rubber trees and the seeds, and mushroom planting there. waiting for Chang Yi to join us, Tiong Kii is the tour leader. anybody joining?