Monday, January 30, 2012

一馬援助金 1Malaysia Incentives


  1. One Malaysia means PM can decide to give 500 ringgit to his citizens...100 ringgit to his student population. One Malaysia also means he can freely distribute a gift when he thinks it is suitable at a time he chooses...He is better than Santa Claus (who is mythical) Mr N. the real Santa? Be Good...Santa will give you your rewards...Better watch out...Santa is coming...and the whole year Malaysians are like kids...waiting for Santa's family earns more than 3000 ringgit per month..we have house loans..we have car loans..and we have students to support through RM500 loh.....LOL.

  2. not all are happy, many qualified yet did not get the money. don't know why, don't know how they calculate your salary. my friend not working much, and yet not qualified, may be he played too much. must work and get extra...