Monday, January 30, 2012

一馬援助金 1Malaysia Incentives

Friday, January 27, 2012

Chinese New Year visit 華人年 拜年忙

 Simon Sim and Huong Siew Ngo's house, government quarter in Sibu. 沈細熙及方秀娥,阿沈原是砂拉越沿海的拉老地方人.那里多是馬蘭諾族,因此,他的馬蘭諾話也頂瓜瓜,與馬來話完全不同.阿娥則來自馬魯帝,美里峇南河上游山城,那里也有很多福州人.
 Kan Kuang Yew's house. 曾光耀府上拜年.阿耀是江西人,在砂拉越屬少數方言人士,据稱只有數百人.阿耀嫂是福州人,孩子多是以華語,福建話交談.
my humble house. 寒舍坐坐,享受一陣華人年的樂趣.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

不要忘了,還有紅包噢.....  Ang Pow for the CNY

forget the weight, enjoy the good foods 過年享美食

姐妹的聚會 the wives' family meeting

老婆及姐妹,襟兄弟,妻嫂,岳母,以及孩子們的家庭聚會. a gathering of the wives and sisters, brother, mother in law, and children.

年輕的一代 the younger generations

family members Chinese New Year visiting is meaningful, because scarcely,  old and young get together and try to catch up with each other.
 when they are "slowly" growing up, you know that you're "quickly" getting older !! 他們越來越長大時,你也知道自己是越來越老了!!

華人新年 Chinese New Year

 禮端三名孫子,在林艷的壁畫前留影.Paul's grand children taken in front of Emily's wall decoration.
 詩巫兩家人部份成員華人年合影.family members of the Sibu Ling, during Chinese New Year visiting.
 獅隊拜年.Lion dance at Belatok lane 5, Sibu.
禮端,二嫂,與義恩一家. Paul and wife with eldest son family. a photo for great grand Ma in the United States.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Couplets for the Chinese New Year 寫春聯

 Chinese calligraphy for the Year of the Dragon. or, should we call it--Spring Festival couplets?

過年囉's Chinese New Year again!!