Wednesday, July 27, 2011

大星廣場 Star Mega Mall

Star Mega Mall is going to open this Friday, instead of the planned Thursday (tomorrow 28/7) timing. due to many factors, it will delayed for ONE day. don't forget to make yourself present on Friday, you may be surprised for the special treat given out by Star Mega Mall......

Friday, July 15, 2011

馬六甲享受沙爹朱律 enjoy "satay celup" in Malacca

 Catherine, and Victor, taking sticks of satay celup. 他們稱為”沙爹朱律”,一串一串的.義威和玉晶正在選自己喜歡的.
 dip in satay sauce, and enjoy yourself. 放入沙爹料中煮一回,就可享受了.阿美娟,流口水了嗎?
 "Capitol Satay" in Malacca, people lining on the street, waiting their turn to enjoy the special food. 這是其中一間”佳必多沙爹”,門口排了很多人,等候入內享用”沙爹朱律”.
another shop "Ban Lee Siang", people waiting outside, because it is full at the moment. 另一間”萬里香沙爹”門口也是很多人.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

金色斜陽 Golden dusk

 the sinking sun shine in golden color at the estuary of the Rajang river. 拉讓江江口,夕陽照射出黃金色的光芒.
Lanang bridge, as seen from the sky. 天空望向詩巫的南蘭大橋.

Monday, July 4, 2011

大鬍子 老頑童 beardman from Gonpeng

他來自西馬新山,永平.他名叫黃世龍,是當地一間”大鬍子面包小食”咖啡店東主.平時只喜歡收集古鐘,古燙斗,以及近期為準備一項早期孩童玩物而大量搜購古老玩具. our "beard man" is from Gonpeng, Jahor. he likes out-dated clocks, old irons for clothing, and games of the past.

一片"黃"潮 all in YELLOW


Sunday, July 3, 2011

投入”夢娜”的懷抱 Pesta Benak in Simanggang

斯里阿曼“夢娜”節,魯巴河上”萬馬奔騰”的洶湧浪潮,為這個節慶帶來了高潮. Pesta Benak at Batang Lupar in Sri Aman, or Simanggang. big waves sweep at the bank of this river, creating a natural phenomenon attracts visitors to witness the beauty on nature.

Friday, July 1, 2011

durian season 榴槤季節

 a lot of durians. this is not in Sarawak, rather, in Kuala Lumpur. 這麼多榴槤,不過,不在砂拉越,是在吉隆坡.