Monday, March 28, 2011

Uncle Sui, Anthony & Joseph 小叔與我的兩名美國兄弟

 四叔,四嬸給他們的兩名美國孫兒一人一個紅包.左是Anthony,右的是小弟Joseph. Uncle Hi gave his two nephews from the United States each an "ang pow". this is Chinese traditional way of greeting the younger generation, especially those from far away, who came all the way to pay them a visit. at left is Anthony, and Joseph is the younger brother. well...... they are still singles. girls, interested to make friend with my brothers?
by the way,many thanks to Ming, from the smiling "young man" at left. you know what I mean, the "ang pow" for my house warming, in US$ !! ha ha....... seated from left, Aunty, Daun's wife, his grand daugher, Paul and grand son. standing from right are uncle's old friend William, Uncle Hi, Uncle Sui from US, his son Anthony and Joseph. they are back in Sibu to visit relatives and old friends, and for the Chinese tomb festival.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

落入凡間的天使 Sibu Angel Force

 not much people really know who she is, this so called "Sibu Angel Force". Charlie angel? CIA? Angelina Jolie? no, no, NO. she is Loh Yu Yee, a really brilliant young lady, working as a secretary in her in-law's cement company, doing quite a bit social service, especially as an environmentalist, pushing people go back to the nature, usually educating younger generation about life in a farm, and how to preserve our environment. she called herself "angel force", the power given by God to push for environmental concern.

砂州泰斗 Champion of Sarawak

the Bako Land Rights committee celebrating they success in getting back Bako land from being taken away for "development" reasons. they especially thank Tiong King Sing for his help.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

那邊慶周年 這邊簽書忙 a celebration in different ways

 詩巫福州墾場110週年慶祝會場. celebration of Foochow migration to Sarawak 110 anniversary.
 砂拉越目前最炙手可熱的史學研究者--黃孟禮,在夫人(左)陪同下,與詩巫福州移民港主黃乃裳的曾孫女黃碧瑤博士,手持她的著作《黃乃裳》合影. great grand daughter of Wong Nai Siong, Dr Anne Pi-Yau Pang (right), promoting her book about her great grand father with well known local historian Wong Meng Leh and his wife.
 砂拉越攝影界大師張達良,獲得黃碧瑤親筆簽名的書. Roger Tiong getting signature from the writer.
詩巫最努力的”賣書人”,與黃碧瑤博士合影. the force behind the selling of these books, sharing their effort with Dr Anne Pi-Yau Pang.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sibu to Tanjong Manis road almost ready 詩巫丹章馬尼路已通車,未完工

the road leading from Sibu to Tanjong Manis is almost ready, if not for the only bridge, which is yet to finish for another half a year, I suppose. sign boards are there, saying "No Entry", and then "enter at your own risk". why?
又說禁止進入,又說進入后果自負. 怎麼搞的...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

牆壁上的畫 pictures on the wall

this is a corner of my "office" at home, see the picture on the wall? I mean a portrait of two persons. 我書房的一角.牆壁上的兩人肖像是重點.那是我老爸和老媽.
your attention is on the drawing on the right. drawn by Mom many years back in the States.  右角的這三幅畫,是老媽多年前在美國畫了寄給我們的.現在才有機會”掛”起來.就是這樣貼上去.

Monday, March 7, 2011

薑花上的螳螂 praying mantis

this praying mantis attracts my attention, block my view actually, and so, took out my micro lens, snap some shots, before it escaped.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

”長不大”水果糕 "Chembetak" cake

this is the first time I saw hawker using local "chembetak" fruit to make traditional cake for sale. they dip the fruits in flour, before frying. 這是第一次見到以”長不大”水果來製作炸糕.還沒有見識過它的味道.

photographer in action 忙碌的攝影師

Khalid, the vice president of the photographic society of Sibu, taking photo at Sibu Pasar Malam. several photographers join the hawkers who are busy getting ready for the evening sale, and took photos of their activities. 詩巫攝影學會署理會長卡立,在夜市攤位前忙著拍攝小販做生意.多位攝影師參與了這項活動,與夜市小販一起忙.

昂貴的榴槤 expensive durians

durians come in small amount this season, causing the price sky high. and when we were busy celebrating Chinese new year, this king of fruits really becomes king, not much people want to come close, not because less money to spend, but the price really too much.