Friday, February 25, 2011

會洲的構思--霧園走入歷史 brain child of Hoi Chew--Mist Garden gone with the wind

可是,他在2010年3月間去世後,不到一年時間,同樣是Robert Lau的堂弟劉會耀,非但在5月間的詩巫國會選區補選中,保不住他的議席.如今,連他的這項構思,也是由堂弟劉會耀為首的詩巫市議會交通小組,決定將之剷除.
the brain child of Robert Lau, former mayor of Sibu Municipal Council, and member of parliament for Sibu, to create a "Mist Garden" in the middle of Kampong Nyabor road, which really caused a big out-cry from many quarters, including his own nephew Vincent Lau. now, after he died in March, 2010, not only his parliamentary seat could not be retained by his cousin, also called Robert Lau, a year later, his brain-child, the "Mist Garden" is demolished by the younger Robert Lau, who is heading the standing committee of Works & Traffic of SMC. what a pity...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

玻璃窗上的蜘蛛 spiders on the glass

I did not took the photo properly, using micro lens, not using tri-pot, laziness won't help, sharpness is compromised. needless to say, not focusing on the objects. what a waste.....沒有好好的拍,微焦鏡頭沒有好好應用,三腳架也懶得用...結果?好像沒有抓到焦點.浪費.這群玻璃窗上的蜘蛛.

Friday, February 18, 2011

2011年的元宵節 Chop Goh Meh of 2011

詩巫大伯公廟前的大樹,掛滿紅紅的燈籠,歡慶元宵節,善男信女在廟前廟內燒香膜拜,祈求一年平平安安,快快樂樂.今年,希望大家都”心想事成”....像我,繼續胡思亂想.我要去火星....the Chap Goh Meh celebration in Sibu, in front of the Tua Pek Kong temple. red lanterns are a sign of good luck and happiness.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

《黃家六姐妹》常年合照 annual group photo of the Wong sisters

自己找找看姐妹是誰,媽媽在那里,女兒、媳婦多”老”了.這張常年合照,自去年開始,覺得值得拍一下做為紀念.看樣子,將會是她們每年的例常合照了. since last year, they have a group photo together, that is a very long time since they have any photo together by themselves. and, it seems that, I'll have to take their group photo every year from now on, especially during the Chinese New Year.

6姐妹,拜年忙 the SIX sisters, CNY visiting

四姨--玉娟(左2)在家招待姐妹及家人來拜年. house visit of the sisters. this is No. 4's house. chatting with sisters.
 小姨--心娟,分派紅包給晚輩. house of No.6. she is giving away "ang pow" to the young ones.
 二姨--鳳娟,忙著切年糕招待家人.No.2's house, she is busy cutting cake to treat her guests.
 五姨--娟娟,與姐妹們在餐桌上交流. No.5's house, enjoying a meal together.
 三姨--秀娟,與大女兒,醫療X光專家凱茜琳(左),忙著切自製的蛋糕招待客人. No.3's house, all the cakes are home make by herself, and delicious too. the pretty girl at left is her oldest daughter Catherine, a medical X-ray specialist, with Master degree.
大姐--美娟,第一年搬新家過年,所以合照留在這里才拍.可惜漏了艷,她忙著打扮去參加晚宴. and the oldest, she is my wife, moving in for the first Chinese New Year, naturally we request that, this year group photo will be taken here. most unfortunately, Emily is busy making up for a dinner, she miss the photo.

三星伴月? the beauty and friends?

艷與她的三位老同學,在她的傑作”壁畫”前留影.二位同學是老師,其中一人是拉曼學院講師,還有一位則是電腦專才,在本地著名建築公司任職.the three classmates of Emily, two of them are teachers, including a college lecturer, and a computer expert, working with a construction firm. they took a photo in front of her very simple wall painting.

拜年 new year visiting

孟禮和文發叔公及家人來看年.難得的拜年,難得的合照. Meng Lei and grand uncle, n their family members visiting, very special guests, very important group photo, to keep for a long time....
老朋友林國明及家人,老婆的同事紫薇,永薇等,讓今年真的有點不同. old friend and his family members, colleagues of Mee Kiong, came to pay new year visit.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

a new mood in Chinese New Year 換個環境過年    

2011年華人新年,在新家渡過.最難得的,是表妹代珠第一次與我們一起過個簡單、節約的新年. this is a bit special for me, this year, my cousin Tai Chuo came over and celebrated the Chinese NY dinner with us.
深夜十二點,迎接新年的來臨,大家燃放煙花、炮竹,好不熱鬧.在家門口拍的一點點煙花景觀. fire works brightened the sky in the middle of the night.
 lion dance came to our new house to celebrate the new year.

詩巫拳術健身協會獅隊來賀年.拍張紀念照.二哥二嫂及義恩夫婦,孩子,以及我們一家. we have a group photo together, to mark the beginning of another year.