Sunday, September 25, 2011

Man best friends 人類最好的朋友

dogs are man best friends, especially to the Iban, the indigenous people of Sarawak, as can be seen in the photo taken yesterday on the road from Bintulu to Sibu. Iban is the majority people of Sarawak, who lives mostly in the interior and remote country side. dogs became their natural friends, together they went hunting and looking for food in the jungle. many Iban people has moved to the urban and towns, many remain near the jungle, as can be seen through the many long houses in the country side of Sarawak. their conditions are not much different than before, most lived in poverty.


  1. I would like to think that this person is a woman..but what is very surprising is she is carrying another dog in her rattan back pack! (????)

  2. 我給籠子裡邊的狗100分

  3. 這是在 Bario 拍的嗎?我看那 rattan 是那一帶的樣式。