Friday, September 30, 2011

Sorry for the bird 可憐的小鳥

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

relax on the mountain 神山逍遙

Mt. Kinabalu is at the background. this picture is taken by the road side toward Mt. Kinabalu. 神山做為背景,這張照片是在前往神山途中的路旁拍的.

Monday, September 26, 2011

bird & cat 小鳥與貓

 弱肉強食的世界....奈何.... a tragic end to a bird, and the victory of a cat. this world is cruel...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Man best friends 人類最好的朋友

dogs are man best friends, especially to the Iban, the indigenous people of Sarawak, as can be seen in the photo taken yesterday on the road from Bintulu to Sibu. Iban is the majority people of Sarawak, who lives mostly in the interior and remote country side. dogs became their natural friends, together they went hunting and looking for food in the jungle. many Iban people has moved to the urban and towns, many remain near the jungle, as can be seen through the many long houses in the country side of Sarawak. their conditions are not much different than before, most lived in poverty.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

古晉貓博物館 Kuching Cat's Museum

 Kuching Cat's Museum is located at the Kuching City North Municipality building, on the opposite bank of the Sarawak River. 古晉貓博物館座落在砂拉越河對岸的古晉北市大樓內.
 貓博物館入口處.entrance to the Cat's Museum.
 Victor and friend paying a short visit to this museum. 義威和他的同學高綜在貓博物館內參觀.

台北冰館 Snow Flake

 this is good......這個好!!義威和高綜在詩巫「台北冰館」,享受楊善做為代言人的碎冰.
吉隆坡冰館做生意方式--每吃10盤,1盤免費.吸引顧客,好方法. this is how Kuala Lumpur side businessman try to attract customers, after 10 dishes, 1 free.

Victor & friend at Santubong sea side 山都望海邊

Buntal Sea side 文丹海邊

 Buntal is a fishing village near Kuching, very popular for visitors who are looking for nice sea foods. a few sea food restaurants, providing delicious food. 文丹是一個漁村,距離古晉不遠.那里最著名的是海鮮食物,很多遊人特地跑到這里享受海鮮.