Tuesday, August 16, 2011

馬布島不潛水,我們攝影 We took pictures instead of diving

when most of the visitors to Mabul Island either diving or snorkeling, the two of us decide to stay on land, just taking photographs.

這就是我們在馬布島Uncle Chang resort落腳的地點.this is Uncle Chang resort at Mabul Island.
想不到海島也會遇到鄉親,順溪美祿的林國隆,上世紀八十年代移居美里,後來跑到仙本娜做廚師.結果十一年前來到馬布島Uncle Chang resort.由于異地遇鄉親,我們的這頓晚餐最特別,是他另外安排的.a Foochow at Mabul Island, and so we were given special treat, what a honor.

Fender's techniques of attracting people to be more responsive the photographers. 唐德平的”功夫”,吸引他們對我們的拍照更有反應.


  1. What a wonderful island....How to get there? Next time you be our tourist guide lo...

    Continue your journey with blessings from God. Safe journey!!

  2. also hope you have a save trip to China. going tomorrow, aren't you?
    going to Mabul Island, you have to go to Semporna first. once you check-in at the famous Dragon Inn, just beside the entrance, "Uncle Chang" resort is ever ready to help you.

  3. Hi...now I am home I can reply you....Yes my trip was safe....and more than 2000 shots....

    Some places now also "No photographing allowed".

    Sigh. Must rest for two or three days...Bad flu.